The Brand New Way to Travel

What's "NUIDORI"?

  • NUIDORI is the photos of plushies or stuffed animals with food, their friends, or good views.
  • NUIDORI means; NUI is plushies or staffed animals in Japanese. DORI is taking photos. So NUIDORI is the word for taking photos of plushies.
  • It's getting trending. You can find many photos on Instagram. Many people in the world enjoy NUIDORI. Hashtag #plushiesofinstagram #ぬい撮り
  • Especially popular in Japan. Many people bring their cherished plushie/s on their journey or outgoing.
  • Fun and cute photos or videos as if the plushie/s are living in the real world.

What's "Plushie Travel"?

  • It's a brand new way to travel.
  • Your plushies travel to Japan (or somewhere you request) on your behalf.
  • Through their eyes, you can experience a Japan trip!
  • Enjoy their adventure in your home through videos and photos.
  • Plushies will go home with gifts from Japan that you've never seen before.

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Customer's Voice

Mom of Monkichi as a monkey boy

During the tour, they sent me photos, videos, and descriptions of the places they visited, That made me feel happy as if I were traveling with them. What touched me the most was that my grandmother, who is hospitalized due to illness, lit up with joy when she saw the plushie's adventure. I look forward to experiencing new adventures through my beloved Monkichi as the monkey in the future.

How to enjoy the brand new way to travel

Step 1

Choose plushies from our extensive collection that you'd like to send on a trip.

It's also possible to send cherished plushies from your home. The plushies will travel to Japan on your behalf.

Step 2

Plushies will embark on journeys to places in Japan where you request or find interesting, like you see on Youtube.

The plushies will travel as if they're living in the real world. While staying at home, you can enjoy their adventures through videos and photos.

Step 3

After the trip, plushies return to your home with gifts that they purchased from the places they visited.

Through the eyes of them, you experience entirely new adventures! You'll be excited about gifts from Japan that you've never seen before.

Also you will be proud of your plushies and will deepen your attachment to them even more.

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Company's Goals

  • For those who cannot travel abroad anytime.
  • Connecting Japan and the Middle East through a new style of interaction.
  • Entirely new genre of travel or enjoying a travel-like atmosphere from the comfort of home.
  • Catalyst for real travel, importing Japanese products as souvenirs.
  • Expanding the service beyond Japan to other countries. Selling service know-how is also possible.

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